Menu Item Path Issue


This issue is not completely fixed. Version 2.5 does allow menu item to be placed inside folder under root but after accessing the page in a folder and try to access another item at root level, the url is still pointing to to folder. See elaborations below:
  1. Select an option which is located inside a folder at site's root level, the URL will be http://localhost:1234/websitename/foldername/page1.aspx.. This is okay at this moment. Database url value in menuitem table is ../websitename/foldername/page1.aspx
  2. Select another option which is located at the site root level, the URL now shows http://localhost:1234:websitename/foldername/page.aspx and cannot find the page. The URL should be http://localhost:1234/websitename/page2.aspx. Database url value in menuitem table is page2.aspx